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The IVY Brand

The Ivy Brand is a captivating apparel brand and style community whose purpose is to create options for curly hair individuals and to inspire self-expression. From lightweight and luxurious scrubs to mesmerizing headgear for all, we dress lifesavers, motivators, and rejuvenators with clothing designed for comfort, versatility, and durability. With great premium fabrics, vibrant colors, and remarkable details, each product is designed to help individuals express themselves. At The Ivy Shoppe, we believe that during showtime, there are no extra takes or do-overs. So be comfortable and perform.

Satin-Lined Scrub Caps

The IVY Satin-Lined Scrub Caps will help manage and protect short hair, long hair, thick hair, braids and other protective styles daily by providing hair breakage preventions, healthier hair, and longer-lasting hairstyles.

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